Friday, July 29, 2011

Photography and Thankfulness

I have loved photography for a long time. Back in the day with my 110 camera (and then on to 35mm) I was pretty hot stuff. :) I could hardly wait to pick up my film from K-mart to see what I had captured. Now, with the advent of digital photography, I get instant gratification with my picture taking.

I realize now more than ever that my picture taking is a way for me to praise God. When my eye is looking through the camera, I see simple things- things and people- that God put into my life. Capturing them helps me to slow down, to really focus on that which is around me.

I've kind of gotten away from blogging. My plan now is to share some of my photography, along with some random thoughts. Almost all of my pictures will be straight out of the camera- no editing. I like it that way. It makes it more of a challenge for me to get a good shot. Life is not perfect. The only thing I might do to my pictures is add the "1960's tint" from Picnik. I like vintage and this allows me to give my pictures a little bit of a vintage flair.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my life as seen by the lens of my camera!

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Jen said...

This is perfect! I am so glad you're doing this. A little glimpse of your world, and you praising God through your sharing of his beautiful world. I think this is a perfect marriage of blogging/sharing/worship (although, that would be considered polygamy, which I'm not down with, believe it or not) ;) I love this! Keep it up