Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zay's Mexican Birthday

On Sunday after church we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Zay's birthday since Tim's parents will be on vacation during his real birthday. Here he is drinking his water like a big boy.
Grumpy and trying to get out of his chair. After being told to sit down.
Confused at the people singing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish to him.
Laughing with mommy (who was holding him upside down to keep him out of trouble)!


Char said...

Awww, he is so cute!!
I love his shirt!
That is one huge dessert! I hope he shared. ;)

Mom2samandsawyer said...

oh that is not french fires? No wonder they were so golden.

He is really precious. I can't believe he is 2 already or soon.
Sawyer will be too soon...goodness.

You look really great and thin

Crys said...

Oh he is too cute! I loved those pictures and that dessert.......oh my!!!

Crys said...

Isn't he turning 3?? I saw three candles on his cake didn't I?

Lura said...

No, just 2. The other candle is just a special candle that plays Happy Birthday.

Crys said...

Oh okay.

Cheryl said...

He is so cute. I love the big sombrero.