Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zay's Early Birthday Part Deaux

Playing with the new tractor and wagon that grandpa made him. Singing "Happy Birthday" to himself.

Wearing grandma's shoes. Riding daddy's old tricycle.


Char said...

Nice hair cut!!
Travy has a tractor just like that! :)

Mom2samandsawyer said...

Oh I love the homemade toys. Oh! My kids would love those. I hope you guys are keeping those nice for their kids. My grandma made me dolls and i ruined them right away.

I love his shirt. I think we have one of those but in a grey. Old Navy right? Gosh a collar shirt makes all the difference. He looks like such a gentleman.

Crys said...

I love his haircut and his shoes! ha

Cheryl said...

Love the home made toys that is amazing. Also love him singing to himself....adorable.