Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bargain Baby

This week at Supervalue stores they have:

Toaster Strudels and Toaster Scrambles for 1.00

Kraft shredded and chunk cheese for 1.00

and I think it's Hillshire Farms lunch meat for 1.00

also, some Kellogs cereals for 2.00 a box. We got Fruit Loops.


Jamie said...

Those are great deals, but I'm not sure if we have one close, I should check!

Char said...

I found some great deals at Target last night. They had a ton of stuff on clearance, like pasta sauce (Ragu), pasta of all kinds, parmasean cheese (go check it out Sonya!!), canned veggies and fruit. Also cereal is on sale and we found some on clearance too. We always buy Target brand cereal. The granola there is really good - Back to Nature. I like to get dried cherries (that Archer brand that Target sells) and some walnuts and mix in with my granola. Yummy.

Amanda said...

I bought the stuff for apple brickle dip tonight so that means we definately have to come on Sunday. I think Gabe tried to sabotage it with the whole window thing...
Are you going to the N.F. Garage sales on Saturday?
I probably should have sent you an email instead of filling up the comment space. Oh Well!