Saturday, October 16, 2010

Isaiah's Party

Last weekend Tim's parents took the older boys camping on Friday night. To get Isaiah excited about staying home (and make the other boys jealous), we said that we were having a party. We said that we were going to stay up until midnight and watch movies and drink pop. I think the older boys were starting to have second thoughts about leaving!My mom came over and made brownies with Isaiah for the party. He invited her to come to the party, but grandpa can't stay out that late. :)
Isaiah made a balloon friend and named him Guinea John. The balloon friend went with us to Bob Evans for supper (but not inside). Tim treated us with his birthday money and Isaiah had a free meal card left from his birthday.

The pop! And chocolate on his face.

Isaiah checks out the donuts we bought for breakfast (OK, and the night before).

He did make it till midnight. He watched movies on the computer and played on He smiled for me after this picture was taken, but he was getting pretty tired.


Cheryl said...

Adorable, he is such a cutie! It is nice to have a special night just for him!

Char said...

Wow! He'll want them to go away more often now.