Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For my friends who are moms

Here's a little quiz for you.

Did your kids eat today? Homemade or McDonald's are both acceptable answers.

If yes, give yourself 5 points.

Did you keep your kids from killing each other?

If yes, give yourself another 5 points.

Did your kids have clothes to wear today? I didn't say they had to be clean.

5 points if they wore clothes today. You still get 5 points if they had clothes to wear but chose not to.

Did you refrain from killing your kids at bedtime while they took their own sweet time brushing their teeth and getting their pajamas on?

Add on another 5 points if you answered yes.

Did you give your kids a hug and kiss today?

If yes, add 5 more big ones to your score. If no, it's not too late. Go run and do it now. I'll wait. If they are sleeping, do it lightly!

Add up your score. If it was 25, you are a great mom!

This feel-good post has been brought to you by the letters U and R and the number 1!


victoria said...

You just made me smile!!

Jen said...

I love you! That's the best thing I've read all day :) xox