Monday, December 21, 2009

Sort of Fun for Christmas

Was it only sort of fun, or only sort of for Christmas?
You decide.
A week or so ago, I realized that the boys had several coupons from their birthday that were going to expire. The first was 20 free tokens each from Chuck E. Cheese. You get these for signing up for their birthday club online.

(Bad parenting moment. Not only did I let my boys play with guns *gasp*, I also accidentally chose some freaky mummy/Night of the Living Dead sort of game for them to play. )
Ethan and Tyler playing their first game of air hockey and loving it!

Free pretzel bites at the mall. They give you a huge cup for your birthday (when you sign up online for the birthday club. I believe this is called "Pretzel Time".

At Toys R Us looking for things to spend his $3 birthday gift card on (again from their birthday club, you can sign up in the store). Obviously Lego's were not $3, so he bought some candy and a dot to dot book.

Last stop was Cold Stone for two free kids cups with a mix in. I forgot to take my camera inside. Tyler got cotton candy ice cream with white chocolate chips and Ethan got vanilla with M and M's mixed in.
Isaiah and I were with them, I just chose to share the pics of Ethan and Tyler. At Chuck E. Cheese, we all played games and shared the tokens. We also shared the ice cream and the pretzel bites (although I did try the Pumpkin Spice pretzel with caramel dipping sauce).
A lot of fun was had for FREE! Go now and sign up for those birthday clubs!