Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Baking Challenge

OK, I decided last week that I wanted to enter this challenge over at Not Quite June Cleaver. I forgot about it until 10:00 pm tonight. I'm not even sure that my entry will be valid, but I'm going to try to do it anyways.

See the clock? I started at 10:05 pm tonight. Here is my ball of dough ready to go into the fridge for an hour. I did get my kitchen straightened while waiting for it to chill!
Frozen tart cherries thawing in some warm water before I just decided to throw them on the stove in a pan.

Mashing the cherries before adding sugar and cinnamon.

Filling the pies.

Ready to go into the fryer.

All done!

Finished the first one by 11:22 pm.

Yummy! Can't wait to try next week's recipe (smores cupcakes). And I'm not waiting until 10 pm on Friday to start it!


Cheryl said...

Oh s'mores cupcakes sound wonderful, can't wait for that one!!

Katherine said...

Oh that looks so good! I remember I made those a couple of times in high school (except that I called them cherry turnovers) for various events, drizzled them with glaze frosting and then ATE THEM FOR BREAKFAST!. So delicious. Sadly, neither Sean nor anyone else in my immediate family apreciates such goodness.