Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Community Sale Finds from Last Week

I really just bought this for the jar ($1.50), but the more I look at the nuts and little balls, the more I like them. I plan to force bulbs in the jar, possibly paperwhites. Hopefully the tallness of the jar will help them stand up better.

My favorite find of the day. This jar, not the fake flowers in it. I talked her down to $5 for it (OK, I only asked for $1 off, but still). Most disappointing thing...I dropped the lid on the jar while taking the picture and cracked a little chip off the star and a hairline crack in the jar. Ugh. Still usable, just disappointing. Outfit for Leeland. Possible luau outfit?

Shoes for the boys ($1 for one and .75 for the other). Pampered Chef foamer for soap .50. Model rocket materials for Matthew, $1 each.

2 plates for you know who, if she wants them. Like you wouldn't. Ha ha. Decorative only, not for food use.

A cute wreath to go around a candle, .25.

Little House DVD's $1 each. Lite Brite paper .25? A board book for Leeland, a tea towel, and a serving tray (?). Skipbo for kids, .25.

And the cutest little egg holder. $1, bought for me by my favorite cousin in law!

My new curtain for the kitchen $2. I finally found one that is long enough!


Amanda said...

I love the jar, not the fake flowers in it! That is so pretty!
Darn it, I was hoping that you were the one who bought up all the Janet Evanovich books for 25 cents each as a surprise for your favorite stand in babysitter!!!! Shoot. I did get the last one and it was one I didn't have.
Are we on for this weekend or no?

Cheryl said...

the kitchen curtain is adorable!! good deals!

Katherine said...

Thanks! I actually have something for you too!

Lura said...

Hm, now you have me curious!

SamandSawyersMom said...

love that outfit for Leeland