Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Christmas

Matthew and Lynden were quite the creative gift givers this year. We also received these pictures (framed by Matthew). He works for a professional framing store part time. They were taken at Tim's work picnic after we had all enjoyed cotton candy and snow cones.
Matthew also made me this wrapping paper holder which I think is pretty neat. He even included a few rolls to get me started.

Lastly (for today) we have a really cute gift given to me by my cousin, Katherine. I loved so many things about it. First, it was a totally unexpected gift. We trade names on that side of the family and even though she didn't have my name, she gave me some of these goodies. I think unexpected gifts are the best! Secondly, they are cute biscotti with orange, dark chocolate and chai...need I say more? Third- the cute container. I just loved everything about it. The boys and I had so much fun dipping them in my chai tea. Thanks Katherine!!


Unknown said...

I love homemade presents...maybe that is why I can sit and quilt all day. Someday all of my friends will have quilts and maybe really cool woven things too. My FIL gave each of his kids this really cool ladder he had made. I will be putting pictures on it I think, or it may be a blanket holder for a while. I'll post pictures when I get it to my house, it is being stained (in my choice of color) and delivered to be installed too.

Cheryl said...

I love love love the wrapping paper holder!!!! The pics are too cute! Great thoughtful gifts!!

SamandSawyersMom said...

I love the wrapping paper thing too. What a clever idea to have everyone make the same pose and then frame it....adorable..just like Matthew!

Jen said...

Absolutely love the photos. I love your family! :) Miss you all! xx