Friday, October 24, 2008

Whole Lotta Links

While surfing the Internet, I frequently come across sites that I want to bookmark and come back to later. Those links are taking over my computer. I think the list literally scrolls for a minute.

So, I've decided to put some of my sites in here and share the things that I find interesting, cool, or slightly disturbing. I'll let you decide what category they fall in.

Retrovision television where you can watch classic shows on the Internet. Some of the offerings include Charlie Chaplin, The Addams Family (which surprisingly only aired for 2 seasons), and Andy Griffith, among others.

Check out Love the Outdoors. It's a site about camping. I saved it to check out the camping recipes, but it also includes things like camp songs.

A list of Frugal Family Fun Ideas from The Common Room.

Need some Christmas gift ideas for those hard to buy for relatives? Check out the Wireless Catalog. Definitely some strange and funny stuff in there. (Please keep in mind that I have only looked at a small section of the site. There may be things there that I do not agree with).

Answers in Genesis has a section on their site of Christian cartoons called "After Eden". Check some of them out here.


Cheryl said...

i'll check them out, thanks

Unknown said...

I love Wireless and they are connected to Public Tv too. Tell me that you have the ability (the equipment I guess) to make pie iron pizzas when you camp...come on even I like that part of camping!

Cheryl said...

Ok the cows scared me when they first popped up.

Char said...

thanks for the camping one! it's neat!

Unknown said...

Ok, you can't just post a huge cow picture without a reason...what is the story? Are these your new pets, have the boys joined 4-H, or is this a picture pre in your freezer to show your children where meat comes from and save $$$ because they won't eat it anymore? Give me something?!

How would you feel about a time to get together and just let the kids play in the dress up stuff here? I am not sure we will do any specifically Halloween this year and new superhero costumes are coming to our house, I thought the kids would love it and no connection to Halloween just a fun playtime...or we could do it in May as to not be even close to the day

Lura said...

Actually, the one in the middle is my Uncle Randy's bull and I just think he's cute w/ his curly hair. We saw him the other day when we were picking apples. I was just playing around with putting a picture at the top and I liked how it looked.

And yes, we do have pie irons. I've been looking for new and different camping foods though.