Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's list of things that are leaving our house. Hopefully it will be a growing list today, not like the other day.

-The sippy cups. This one we've debated over for awhile, but I think I'm finally ready. It has nothing to do with keeping them little, but everything to do with keeping spills off the floor. Ours are just getting grungy and I think it's time to give them the ol' heave ho.

-Plastic divided kid's plates. I just hate washing these and the dishwasher doesn't always get them clean. There is no reason that the boys can't eat off of regular human plates. Out they go! Plastic bowls are staying for now since they carry their snacks around.

-Several of the door knob covers. They drive my mother in law nuts and the boys already know how to open them. Only one is staying for now and that is just to slow them down on a closet they shouldn't be in.

-Packages of paper napkins that I won't use. If I haven't used them in 6-9 years (and yes some are that old), I'm not going to ever use them.

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SamandSawyersMom said...

good for you but I wanted to reach through the computer and snag the sippy cups. i will never give them up. we have gone to water bottle type of things now for sam because he was made fun of at daws' recital at school for having a sports bottle type sippy but I refuse to get rid of them. It would make my life harder and it is not worth it. Both of my kids can easily drink out of a regular cup so what is the point?

Good for you though. I LOVE those divided plates too. I have tons of them!