Wednesday, May 07, 2008


It's 9:48 am and my kids are asking for lunch. That might give you an idea of how long we have been awake. Ethan has been awake since 5:45 when he watched me on the treadmill.

I really want to have a productive day today and so far so good. I thought I would start a Ta-done list.

-walked a mile on the treadmill
-emptied the ice cube trays (one of the few things my husband asks me to do, and I rarely get done).
-planted 4 new lilac bushes
-went to the bank
-ordered my Mother's Day present
-made cookies
-made a lunch date w/ my brother and Lochlyn for today
-loaded and started the dishwasher
-filled the bird feeder
-took the garbage out
straightened up the entryway
-watched "Supersize Me"
-did some laundry


Jamie said...

Great Job!! Keep up the good work!!!

Cheryl said...

you go girl! keep going!!

Crystal said...

Goodness me that's alot by 9:48 am!!! YOU GO WITH YO BAD SELF! HA

SamandSawyersMom said...

great job..whoo hoo