Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my friends, Jenny and Becky! They are sisters who share a birthday, but are not twins. I'm not ever sure that they read my blog, but maybe Missy will fill them in. (hint hint)


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!

Cheryl said...

Well happy birthday too them!

Crystal said...

Happy birthday to you
Even though I don't know you
Happy birthday dear Becky and Jenny
Hope don't have to spend a penny!!! ha ha

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to whichever of you I thought was waving to me at Lura's wedding, only you weren't, but I waved my head off at you anyways!!!!

Happy Birthday to both of you!

Lura said...

That would be neither of them, that would be the 4th sister, Amy, who wasn't yet mentioned in the post. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Well, last year you told me to leave a comment when I let you know at Missy's Pirate Party that I look at your blog nearly daily and I've yet to do that...until now! Thank you so much for remembering us on our birthday. I can't believe I was the subject of a makes me feel so special! I love reading your blog (I have it saved in my bookmarks). Thanks again for the birthday wishes, Lura! Hope to see you at Missy's party again this summer (and you and your brother's fantastic tattoo work!).
Becky (aka Regina...oh how awful!)

Lura said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you left a comment. I am planning on the pirate party!!