Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Randomness

Ugh. Day two of the diet was not nearly as easy as day one. I felt really crappy and work made me want to eat. One of the home health agencies brought me chocolate which I promptly gave away. Then in the afternoon when everyone was stressed, I had this great idea. Let's get ice cream! Then I remembered that we couldn't because we are all dieting. On a brighter note, Patty and I did our devotion and talked a little bit. The devotion made me tear up as it talked about all of the women all over the world who are in pain (physical and emotional) due to their weight. The world would have us believe that we are the lone fat person in a world full of skinny models, but that is not the case.

Monday was a day full of simple pleasures. The boys and I went outside because it was so nice. We picked up sticks, took a walk, and had the semi's honk at us. Which is what I guess we were doing about a year ago this time. Sometimes I actually relax enough to enjoy the boys innocence and simplicity. They said "do you want to play too, mommy?". And I said "yes!". So I threw rocks in the water and watched it splash. At the same time I'm wondering why we lose our fascination with things like that.

Well, I better go. Ethan is "huuuuuunnnnnnggggrrrrryyyyyy". He is frequently staaaarrrrving these days. Check out SH tomorrow for pics from our one day vacation this past Sunday.


SamandSawyersMom said...

aww sounds perfect. i love days like that.

Cheryl said...

I hope the diet gets easier for you!! you can do it!!

I am still amazed about the way little boys enjoy sticks, rocks and water. How wonderful they are!!