Monday, April 07, 2008

The BIG FAT diet

This is it. The first day of the rest of my life. I've decided to start on the weight loss/ healthier eating journey yet again. My motivation this time is that my cousin Katherine is getting married in exactly two months! Yikes! I could go on and on about how how she's way too young (only in my mind), but I digress. (And honestly, she's marrying a great guy. One who will even play London Bridges with my boys. That's gotta count for something.)

I haven't picked a particular "diet". I usually do some form of lowering my carb and sugar intake along with some moderation (I hate that word).

As of this morning I weigh 244 lbs. I'm pretty sure that is the most I've ever weighed, including both pregnancies. I would love to be 199 (or less) by the wedding, and I realize that is a lofty goal.

We are starting another "Biggest Loser" challenge at work. I love the motivation of a contest, especially one where cash is the prize. Patty and I are also going to start meeting at work to have devotions or a prayer. I've really left God out of most of my dieting attempts which probably tells you why they've never been long term fixes. My mom started a week before me, so she is also another support and encouragement for me.

So expect to see updates on here and feel free to leave me any words of encouragement you might have.

For those who live close, I am still hosting the Hershey's Bliss chocolate/Gold Canyon candle party on May 2nd. If you don't live close, but still want to come, send me an email. It's at 6:00 pm.


Crystal said...

I have heard good things about 2 Christian books about dieting. One is called Daniel's Diet by Phillip Bridgman and the other is A Simple Christian Diet by Andrew Brown. It's all about using your faith and relationship with God as the way to better fitness and health. I have not read the books myself but heard good things about them from other women. I wish you the best!

SamandSawyersMom said...

Crys called me to tell me that you were starting your diet that same day I was. I started today too. So far, so good.

Good luck!

you can do it!!

Cheryl said...

Hey i started 2 weeks ago I have lost about 11 pounds. Good luck...I hope you do well. I have never dieted before...I still wouldn't call mine a diet. I am trying to change my life and do it slowly so I can maintain my changes. I don't drink pop of any kind and that is HUGE for me. i am even starting to workout at the gym...ok I have only gone twice so far but I am doing it!! You'll be more successful I am you go girl!!! We can all encourage each other...I need someone to keep me accountable!!

Lura said...

I gave up pop 4 weeks ago today. It was horrible those first few days, but I think it's making things a lot easier now. I was even going to allow myself one yesterday, but I just couldn't do it!

Char said...

Woohoo!!! You can do it!! GO LURA!!!!
No chocolate, no chocolate - wait a minute!!!! Only a little bit of chocolate, only a little bit of chocolate! No pop, no pop!! Woohoo!!
Only good stuff like veggies and fruits and whole grains!! :)
Exercise that booty, go, go, go!!


SamandSawyersMom said...

you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!you can do it today!!! better than yesterday!!!!

Cheryl said...

You are thin, think this. Lots of water!! you can do will look gorgeous for the wedding! Hotter than the bride!!