Saturday, April 19, 2008

My week in review....Phew

This week has been jam packed. Life has been so rich and crazy.

We've been playing outside so much more since the weather has been nice. I'm guessing that might end today with the threat of rain, but the boys haven't been able to get enough outdoor time to satisfy them. I really love it when they play with sticks and stone and puddles and bugs. Boy stuff.

The boys stayed with a lady from our old church (one of these days I'm really going to have to blog about the new church since we've been going there since January) one day this week so that Tim's parents could have a break. They did great and didn't even cry when I left. I think maybe the lady did, after all she had 6 boys that day, 3 two year olds, 2 four year olds and a 5 year old! There was a lot of testosterone running around.

At work this week I got the opportunity to pray with one of my new residents. He does not have a relationship with his two grown children due to some past hurts and it really saddens him. Very sad to watch a man in his 70's mourn for the loss of his children. He has all the money he wants, drives a little sports car, etc., but all he really wants is to reconnect with them. The rift between them was caused by selfish pride and money. It's amazing how those little petty arguments and ensuing silent treatment can lead to years of agony.

This week I also went to a seminar led by a psychoneuroimmunologist. Say that three times fast. It was interesting, but they only gave us chairs and no tables for an all day seminar. It was hard to take notes on our laps. Within the first 10 minutes of the seminar, a lady went unconscious (not because of the chairs) and they had to call 911. They think it was low blood sugar. For lunch that day, Patty, Joanne and I all walked to a little tea place (the same place Charity and I went on our outing last time). I had chicken salad, a few grapes, and a tiny little snickerdoodle cookie. I also had some really good blueberry muffin tea.

Yesterday the boys and I ran around all day. We went to the bank, got gas, and went to a library book sale where I spent a whopping 1.50 for 8 books. We went to Walgreens to pick up pictures and then to pick up the pottery Charity and I made on our weekend away. We fed some ducks and went to Borders. I took them to play at the mall. We stopped and got a free cookie at McDonald's w/ a coupon we had. We also went to see Victoria's new house which I love. Amanda and her kids where there when we got there. After that we stopped at my mom and dad's for a quick visit.

The diet is going well. I even passed up the hot pretzels at the mall and rewarded myself with diet Coke instead. I've been off of pop long enough now(4-5 weeks) to know that I'm off the caffeine and can have one every now and then. I'm also looking into getting a treadmill so that I can speed up the loss.

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Cheryl said...

wow sounds like a wonderful fun filled week. it is nice to busy with good stuff! good job passing up the pretzels!