Friday, November 09, 2007

We're not done yet...

Tim has got the bug now. He got it last night, so if it's like the others maybe it will be gone tonight. Still praying that Tyler and I don't get it!

I've got more to post, but I need to get ready. Tim's parents are taking us to get new shoes for the boys as part of their Christmas gift. Tyler is hoping for Lightning McQueen.

Quick deal alert. Kroger has Heartland pasta on sale for 10/10. Ours had a coupon machine in front of it w/ .30 coupons. Those double to .60, so .40 a box for pasta. Not the cheapest I've ever found, but I got some whole grain to try. I may go back today for some more.

And I'm just curious. Did everyone but Cheryl miss this post??? I can't believe no one else thought my son was cute!


Unknown said...

Of course your son is darling, some days I just can't comment. Oh, make sure you use your Giant Eagle fuel perks. We have about $300 worth of free gas over the last year. Though sometimes it only makes full price harder.

Amanda said...

your son is a sweetie pie. you know that. K mart has lightning mcqueen shoes, that is where the boys got theirs last time.
Sorry Tim is sick...I hope he doesn't throw up on you.

Crystal said...

Get better soon Tim! I pray that you and Tyler don't get it! I hate throwing up!! It's the worst!

Ethan is adoreable!!! I loved what he said, it was cute. I must have forgot to comment on that post but I did see it!!!

Char said...

nope, your kids not cute! ;)

i did read that post. i even read it to todd and we both laughed!

sorry tim is sicky sick! yucky. i'm sure you and ty will get sick too.... it's just a matter of time. HA!

Miss you today!!

Cheryl said...

I am just very devoted and observant unlike the rest of those fools!!

Poor Tim, hope he feels better.

Payless has Lightning shoes too.

SamandSawyersMom said...

i feel more sorry for you than Tim cause I knwo what it is like to have a sick grown man around adn that ain't fun

what kids? You have kids?