Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sad News

I'm afraid something has gotten the little birds. I went out to check the nest today and it is empty. I did hear the father bird in the tree. We had a bad storm last night. The nest is closer to the ground. I did not find anything (remains or such), but the fact that there was nothing there makes me fear the worst has happened.


Crystal said...

Oh, how, I hope the mama just moved them or something.

Cheryl said...

Oh that is so sad. Yeah maybe they had to move because of the storm. Can she move them? Well we can believe that if we want too.

SamandSawyersMom said...

oh no.keep us posted

maybe she is living with Godiva

Amanda said...

I am going with the moving idea.
Maybe Tim moved them inside so they would be safe and just didn't want to tell you!