Thursday, July 26, 2007

Garage Sale Goodies

Lately there have been a bunch of "teacher" sales. The one today was a teacher that was retiring after 35 years! Almost all of the books were 4 for $1. There were Mennonites there buying things for their one room schoolhouses (4 grades, 11 kids total). I have been to 3 teacher sales this year.

These little cut out things are laminated. She had tons of different games and things like this all 10 cents an envelope.

Cool vintage paint by number never used, 25 cents.

This is the best thing. A train that holds days of the week, months, or "first" "second" , etc. It was brand new and it was a quarter!!!
All kinds of fun vintage teaching books for 25 cents each.
A neat box of flash cards with maps on them. I think this was $2 but way cool.


Char said...

Very cool! I love the train!
Wow, those books are neat! The flash cards are way cool!

Cheryl said...

WOW those are great. I love the train book. Your boys will love that!!

Amanda said...

Lura, why in the world would you homeschool when there is a perfectly good mennonite school down the road from you? I think that you should really get your priorities straight and start your children on Harry Potter before they miss out on all life has to offer them? Besides have you considered the fact that another child is going to make it really difficult. And what if Time doesn't find another job?

Cheryl said...

Amanda we know you are nuts! Funny Sean thought we'd take you seriously. We love your sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

You made out like bandit!! Great finds!