Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eight Random Facts and One False

** Edited to add answers**

Eight of these statements are true, one is false. Which one is false? (Please don't give any hints to anyone else, just guess the false one).

1. I have ridden an elephant. (True: It was either while Tim and I were dating or shortly after we got married. I was the only adult riding with a bunch of kids and sadly we did not have a camera with us.)

2. I played the cymbals in Marching Band. (True: I played cymbals my junior and senior year of high school for marching band. I split my lip with them twice.)

3. I have a minor in counseling. (False: I don't have a minor in anything! I did take one class in counseling during college.)

4. I took French, Spanish, and Latin in school. (True: 1/2 year French in 7th grade, 1 1/2 years Spanish in 7th and 8th grade and 2 years of Latin in High School).

5. I originally planned on working for Children's Services. (True: Then I took a month long class in college about Child Abuse and changed my mind).

6. My favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter. (True: Tofts is the best!)

7. My grandfather was a Methodist minister. (True: Then he retired and became a Presbyterian minister).

8. My uncle is a sportscaster on ABC. (True: Scott is my mom's youngest brother. He caught this fish when he was home for Fathers Day. )

9. I was a member of Future Teachers of America. (True: I was a member in high school and tutored at an elementary school).

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Crys said...

number 8. your uncle is a sports caster on NBC FALSE

Mom2samandsawyer said...

number 8

vwiller said...

I say #7 is false, I am sure about many of them... so that is my guess.

Char said...

i say #4 is false

Cheryl said...


Amanda said...


Jamie said...

I have a hunch it's 3!!

Lura said...

Jamie- I wasn't sure if you were playing or not. I would've waited for your guess!