Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The not so Itsy Bitsy Spider

On Monday night I went out to the kitchen to get myself a piece of cake out of the fridge (I know, bad me). When I put the plate down and turned the light on over the stove, I found this guy (or girl as the case may be). I put the applesauce jar over it so that it couldn't get away. It was so big that I didn't want to squish it. I also wanted to show Tim how big it was. I'm not sure the pictures do it justice. This morning I noticed that it now has a pouch attached to it, and I'm guessing that it's a mommy spider with eggs. I'm going to have to "Google" some spider info. How can something so small be so creepy?
The boys checking it out this morning.
Also in this mornings news, Ethan whining in the corner because I would not give him more toast (he only ate the butter off of the first piece). Tyler was telling him "You need to listen to mommy and daddy, OK?". Then he was calling him "fella". There are so many of these things that happen daily to make smile, but sometimes it's so much easier to remember the frustrations.


Amanda said...

I'm never coming over again!!

Do you still have cake?

I'll be there in 20 mins.

Crys said...

That spide is enormous!!!! wow! Let us know if you find out what kind it is and stuff.

That is too cute that Tyler said that to him.......I love stuff like that!!!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

Oh I love when kids talk to eachother. oh that little Tyler is adorable.

I have the opposite problem..I never remember the frustrations then I am stupid enough to do it all over again (like take 4 small children to the grocery store hungry)and then wonder why it went badly. I always remember all the sweet, cutethings and then when they happen again..my memory comes back and I relaize I should have seen this coming.

I do not dislike spiders but that one does appear a bit scary. I love the bubble on her. I hope you get to see the babies. I wish we had one of those so my kids could watch it. Don't egt rid of her..I want to see her give birth. Get it on video.

Do you still have cake?

My husband is gone ALL weekend and I will drive up for some cake. Of course, gas prices are ridiculous so i would be spending a lot there. Okay back to being a mommy....

Char said...

EW! I agree - small, creepy!!!

Tyler is so funny! I wonder if he says fella because mom and dad say that word. My boys say things all of the time that are funny after they've been with mom and dad. HAHA! I meant that in a nice way, not a bad way. They use words that mom and dad use, like "goodness" or - darn, I can't think of anymore right now!! Oh well! I am glad you are populating your house with spiders. Maybe she'll have 100 babies and you can breed them for others to buy?

Lura said...

Sonya, I'll send her to you! Ha ha. Do you know how much a flight from here to there would be? The cake is gone, but you would have liked it. It was jello poke cake. You like jello pie, so I figure you would like this too. Come on up. You can go to my cousins grad party on Sat. There will be cake there (the red cake- like the kind we had in college).

Mom2samandsawyer said...

i am terrible at staying here without steve. i try to coem up with any way to not do it alone.my mom is at cheryl's watching her dogs, cat and house. i wish i had soemone to watch my dog and I would come.

i invited crys and daws for a sleep over but she is house sitting too.

Amanda said...

Sonya, I think Lura should give a little more warning when she is going to have cake at her house. I know that I would go there more! Hint hint Lura!

Jamie said...

It is so darn cute when the kiddies talk to each other like that. I love it. I hope the spider safely delivers her hundreds of babies!!!