Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bargain Braggin'

I went garage sale-ing from about 9 am to 5 pm today. The first 3 hours were with Amanda (and my boys) and then after noon, it was just the boys and I. One of the last sales I went to the lady told me I could have whatever I wanted for free. This is what I got there:

Some fabric, a bunch of candles/holders, some hats for the boys, a picture frame, a Hallmark ornament, a journal, some crochet books, knitting needles, Velcro, a bunch of ribbon and an antenna booster (don't ask me, but it's something Tim wanted for his TV in the garage).

I also got these things for free at another sale:

An old school reading book, a money management book, Spiderman book, and a kit for teaching 3-6 year olds fire safety.


Cheryl said...

Wow free stuff. you are good.

Char said...

Wow! Those are great deals! Free is always good.