Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You gotta love Spam!

There are two kinds of Spam. The kind that comes in a can (and yes, our whole family loves it) and the kind that comes in your email inbox. This morning just for fun, I thought I'd click on one of those emails that I know is junk. One with a subject that said "I hope you are feeling better". I opened the email to find a list of drugs, including Viagra, Prozac, and Ambien. In other words, something to stimulate you, something to calm you down, and something to help you sleep. At the bottom of this message comes the fun part. This is what part of it said:

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Interesting huh? I commend anyone who read through that whole thing. I'm not sure why these emails have this attached. Maybe it's a secret code. The world may never know.


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Cheryl said...

I also read on thinking surely this will all make sense at the end...but NO, no such luck. How weird?

Char said...

Interesting indeed. Todd was just telling me about this interesting spam! Don't OPEN IT!!
Spam is yummy!

Crystal said...

Be careful, sometimes spam emails are actually viruses.