Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines Day Ideas needed

If the weather holds out, Matthew and I are having a Valentine's Day party on Wed. with the boys and my grandparents. Anyone have any great ideas for games or food? If you aren't able to leave comments on the blog, feel free to email me!


SamandSawyersMom said...

I love the idea that I stole from Jamie's blog where they make a rustic looking heart with their hands. We did it for Sunbeams and it was a huge hit.

I also made up a craft one year. I got conversation hearts and had the kids lick one and then stamp it on paper. It was neat. Then they ate the hearts.

I love this one and use it every year. You make a card or picture or place mat and put "THUMB-BODY loves" and the kids put thumb prints all over. It is so cute.

You can make red milk by adding food coloring or a small amount of kool aid powder to white milk. You can dye their hair red with kool aid. It washes out.

Use cookie cutters to make heart finger sandwiches.

Paint with heart cookie cutters.

Have them mix bath salts to make for people as a gift. They are easy and only a few ingredients.

SamandSawyersMom said...

Oh sorry., i just realized that you didn't even ask for crafts.

One game is where you put a dot of vaseline on your nose and stick a paper heart on it and run in a relay or around the table.

Have 2 people (a grandparent and a child would be cute) hold a heart with only their heads and run in a race or just walk if they are older.

Crystal said...

You'll have to excuse Sonya, once she gets started on her creative ideas, she just can't stop! Her brain just goes and goes! SAL

Cheryl said...

We are making "love bugs" for Ryan's class. You use the hostess snowballs, they have pink this time of year and use string licorice for legs and little candies or raisins for spots and eyes. They are really cute. we are also playing musical hearts, just like musical chairs but you cut out big hearts from construction paper and they stand on those. Ryan's class LOVED it last year.