Friday, January 12, 2007

Questions Answered

I use White Cloud toilet paper. I had to actually go check because I couldn't remember. I think it's the cheapest decent toilet paper.

I believe in spanking. Just ask Tyler. For the record, since this is a public blog, I do not spank in anger nor do I spank with anything but my hand. It is not a daily occurrence in our house.

I work two days a week. Last night I worked until 11:45 and right now I have a screaming baby. That's why I am awake and answering questions.

I met my husband in the factory where he and my dad work. I worked there during college breaks. I always told my dad "if anyone here starts looking good to me, get me out!". Of course, I hadn't met Tim yet (he was on another shift). Later we would find out that our extended families had know each other for years. We have been married 11 years.

On the subject of more kids.... I better say no. My husband reads my blog! Plus, the screaming baby is swaying my opinion.

We use Aim toothpaste. I grew up on Colgate and sometimes Pepsident. I always loved going to my grandma's house and using her Close Up. I would probably use that if it wasn't so expensive and if Tim liked it.

I'm not sure why I wouldn't let Sonya use the smelly markers in college. I guess I was just stuck up. I've asked her forgiveness for it, and I think after 15 years and counseling we will move on. (I'm just kidding about the counseling).

My conclusion to 30 Days of less can be found here:

Sorry, not a daily game. But I will revive it on days with little else to post (and today for good measure)!

I know that I have been really bad about putting in my comments about articles I post, or the hot topics of the day. I will attempt to do better. Sometimes I feel like I have so many thoughts on something that I just don't have the time to really sit and say what I want to, and believe me, I want to! That's why I post the articles in the first place. I need to just start a draft and then work on it when I can. I'll make this New Year's Resolution #123.

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