Friday, November 03, 2006

30 Days of Less...The conclusion

My 30 days of less ended the night of the 30th when Tim hurried to McDonald's so that we could get a quick supper in before our church directory pictures. I have since eaten out every day since then and I'm not proud of that.

I did very well for the most part. I was expecting to see a surplus of money at the end of the month since we had both worked quite a bit of overtime and hadn't spent nearly what we usually do. However, this month coincided with paying the propane bill. So although I didn't get to see the extra money, I guess God made a way for us to pay our bills without stressing over them.

I also think that I gained a false sense of self control. It was like dieting-when you're in that "zone"- and you think you can handle anything. So you take that bite of something forbidden and you're right back to where you started from. That's kind of how it was after that first time of spending money on fast food. It was so much easier to just "do it" after that. I'm still hoping that I've learned something and will curb my spending habits.

I also did it to more fully appreciate what I have. I have been given so much. I really don't need a thing-despite what Walmart would have me believe.

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Char said...

I'm so glad it's over! Can you tell me what you want from Scholastic now? haha