Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The far

1. Spend time daily in God's word. No excuses!
2. At least one time a week, do a preschool type activity. ( I have tons of books on things to do w/ the boys, but reading them and doing them are two different things). I would like to do them more than once a week, but I'm trying to be realistic.
3. Eat better and lose weight. Also, to feed my boys healthier food.
4. Declutter the bedroom.
5. Save money.
6. Plan meals ahead of time. No more last minute scrambling to get something on the table.
7. Finish projects that I've started. Mostly this means some sewing/crafts, some scrapbooks, etc. It also means sewing buttons back on clothes and general repair things that would take 5 minutes to finish if I would just do it.

There is nothing real earth shattering on my list, but in doing them, my life would be much more peaceful and I know my family would be happier.


Crystal said...

What might be helpful is to print the list and hang it in many places of your house just to keep you motivated! I have done this and it helps.

Char said...

Great list! They all sound great!

SamandSawyersMom said...

Wow, your list is really normal. I thought it was going to be things that I would rather cut my tongue out than do. I diddo that list except the preschool thing, I do that. Everything else I need to do too.

Char said...

I already commented to this, but I don't know if you got it! Anyway, I said that it looks like a great list so far!! I am 100% sure you can do all of those things! That is if you don't stay on the computer and talk to me all the time. Although I really DO miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hint, Hint!!!