Friday, December 15, 2006

My crazy week caught up with me....

Today I was so sick. I just felt achey (sp) all over and had some chills. It took all I had to make the boys toast for breakfast. Then I just wanted to sit in the recliner in the sun. Of course, they all wanted to sit on me which wasn't very comfortable. I finally put them down early for naps so that I could go to bed. I felt a little better when I got up and I had some errands I had to run. I got something to eat and that made me feel a little bit better too. I'm still not 100%, but I hope I am tomorrow because we have Christmas at Tim's parents house.

Sunday- Ethan puking Sunday night at Matthew's church then in bed.

Monday- Isaiah puts petroleum jelly in his hair
Tuesday-Long day at work

Wednesday- I'm with the boys by myself all day and Tim doesn't get home till after they are in bed. He had jury duty and then stopped at my parents house for a haircut.

Thursday- Very long day at work again. Get home at 9:30 just in time to clean puke out of Tyler's bed. He was fine this morning.

Friday- I'm totally wiped out. I did manage to make a batch of cookies and some cracker candy. I will post pictures and the recipes when I get a chance. I really need to get the dishes washed and then get to bed.


Amanda said...

I hope you feel better!!!! I am a captivated reader!!!

Char said...

Your week does sound crappy!
Hope you are well tomorrow too!! :)

Crystal said...

Hope you feel better, Lura!!! You did have a crazy week.....we missed your posts!

SamandSawyersMom said...

Ok ok, I feel guilty. I just like hearing from you. I will try not to ask you to post anymore. I hope all feels better too. When my kids are sick, I am at my worst. I hate seeing them sick so I am a mess.

Cheryl said...

Feel better. Don't let the post right now we are bored people bring you down. Hope there is no puking this week in your house.