Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Multiple choice questions

Isaiah has white hair because....

a. He is prematurely aging.

b. He got into the baby powder

c. He opened a bag of flour for mommy.

d. He opened the top door of his dresser after his nap, got out the petroleum jelly and smeared it everywhere including his hair. He has cornstarch in his hair to help get the jelly out.

Isaiah has a cut under his chin because...

a. He cut himself while learning to shave.

b. He fell out of bed.

c. He fell down at church.

d. He fell in the tub while daddy was trying to wash the petroleum jelly off of him.

And the correct answer to both of these questions (if you haven't guessed already) is D. Poor Tim! All of this happened when I ran out to the grocery store last night. We have decided that one Isaiah is much harder than the twins were at his age.


Crystal said...

Wow, what a rough night for daddy!!! Well, maybe now he has more of an appreciation for what you deal with all day! ha ha

Char said...

Haha! Oh my gosh! That is so funny! I feel sorry for my brother! Wait! No I don't! Wait, maybe I do a little bit. Hmm....(thinking of all the times he was mean to me) NOPE! Don't feel sorry for him.

(Ok, maybe a little bit, maybe.) ;)

SamandSawyersMom said...

That is the best post ever. I am laughing so hard. Go baby go!

Cheryl said...

That is too funny. I can't picture Tim's face when he saw him covered in slime!!!