Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Call

I had just put the kids to bed tonight when I got "the call". It was from a very friendly, cute sounding guy, asking me how I liked the stuff that I had ordered from Figi's. You know Figi's- the ones who sell all the cheese, meats, and other goodies at Christmas time?! Anyways, my husband isn't home yet and this guy is making small talk with me. Now I know that eventually he's going to try to sell me something else, but for the moment I enjoy this male attention. I enjoyed it all up until the point where it went something like this. Him: "Yes, I bought some for myself too. I'm going to lock it up in my dorm room". Dorm room??? I could be this kids mother! Ok, not quite, but still. So much for the male attention. And I'm probably losing points for posting this the same day I'm talking about marriage! Sorry, I just had to share this with you. It struck me as funny.


Crystal said...

LOL That's great!!! I am laughing so hard!

Char said...

Ha ha!