Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Pacifier

Yesterday was Isaiah's last day with his pacifier. He turned 15 months and that was the same age that we took Ethan and Tyler's away. I like to take it away before they can put up too much of a fight over it and way before they are taking it out of their mouth to talk! Last night was his first night going to bed without it and he only cried for.........58 minutes. (I'm kidding about the "only" part).


Char said...

AWWW Baby Isaiah!!! Poor guy!
Wait, I mean, poor you!
He looks like his brothers in this picture. I see both Ethan and Tyler in him.
I totally love the outfit! ;) Those outfits were my favorite to put on my boys.

SamandSawyersMom said...

Oh how could you? He is so precious. I know it is hard but it is worth it. We do it at 18 months. Sammy only had one bad night. The doctor said to give them a sippy of water so they can suck on something. Sammy used that for 3-4 nights and then he didn't anymore.

mom25gr8kidz said...

Your local Orthodontist thanks you!

They just get cuter by the day :o)