Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 9: 30 Days of Nothing

Ok, like many others who have done this, I'm not comfortable calling it "30 Days of Nothing". It's much more appropriate to call it "30 Days of Less-and not that much less". I haven't really suffered yet. I have begun to realize how much we spend on non-essential extra things. There are all kinds of temptations that have called to me in the past week and a half. Some of them included: an auction, a library sale, a book sale at the hospital, McDonalds (several times), a festival, garage sales, the thrift store....the list goes on.

I am having a little fun with the food as I do each year at some point. I try to get as many meals as possible out of what I have on hand. I have bought milk, juice and a little bit of fruit.

As for the chocolate....the good stuff has run out and I've been reduced to eating the boys Easter candy. I know. It's sad.

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