Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Amazing Isn't It?

It amazes me how much more I get done around the house without a computer to distract me. The dishes and laundry get done. The kids get played with more. Meals are even actually planned in advance sometimes!!! Wow! Ha ha. I do miss my computer though. I miss talking to my sister in law. I miss reading my favorite blogs. I hate having to try to catch up on 80 (yes 80) emails once a week on a slow computer.

We are having our state survey at work. It's a surprise visit every year. They stay for 3 days and basically watch everything you do and look at everything you've written. It's so much fun. Ha ha. They will be gone tomorrow around 4:00 pm. Yeah!


Polaris Rider said...

I miss my computer!

Char said...

I miss talking to you too!!!

SamandSawyersMom said...

That was sweet that you mentioned your dear friend Sonya in your blog. I miss talking to you too Lura. Oh yeah, I miss you too sweetie. You are the best too. Oh no, you are!!