Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Century Turns by William J. Bennett

You may think from the title of this post that it's directed at how long it's been since I've blogged. Not so. :) It's actually the title of a book I read by William J. Bennett.

Before this book I had only briefly heard of William J. Bennett. He has written other books, one of them being "The Book of Virtues for Young People" which I owned. This book however is of a completely different genre than I normally delve into. On the outside it appears to be a political book. It is, but it is more than that. It takes a look at our country's history from 1998-2008.

Normally, I would say "boring". I don't mind politics so much, but it always seems so hard to find the truth in all of it. I also feel that too many times large vocabularies are used to impress and the average audience reading it is left somewhat behind, wondering what they just read. This book gave me an insight into recent political history. There were things that humored me (surprisingly) and I learned a lot.

It was not a quick read for me. I am a fairly voracious reader, but this one took me awhile to get through. It's thought provoking. There is a lot of information in it. I was glad for the pictures included that gave me a visual to the people and places that he spoke of.

What I appreciated most about this book was that it's about the most impartial political minded material I've ever read. The author was willing to point out flaws in the administration that he worked for as well as flaws of new administration. He also pointed out the good in both. I can appreciate that neither one is perfect and Mr. Bennett did a great job of showing this.

While it's not something I'm likely to read again, I am glad that I took the time to plow through it and finish it. I do think it's very educational and at times entertaining. It helped me to better understand the presidency and our recent political history including 9/11 and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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