Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Finds

Today at Goodwill we found a great lot of random Legos. It cost me less than $3 and came in the cool red "Lego" case. I hadn't ever seen those before. There were tons of neat pieces in there including a horse and at least 15-20 Lego guys (space men, fireman, etc). The boys played for over an hour with them when we got home and probably would have played longer if we weren't getting ready to leave again. I found the lamp at Goodwill. It was a little over $1. I plan to paint it black. Little bench is going to get painted also. Found the enamelware type thing at a garage sale. Will probably hang it on the wall and put some sort of flowers in it. Also picked up some workbooks for school at a garage sale.
This was $1 and was marked "planter". It has a metal insert. I'm going to paint this also.

My last two finds came from the spring trash pick up. :) People were out in droves today driving around and picking things up. First up is this office chair. I can't seem to find anything wrong with it and it seems very solid. Ethan said to me "I hope dad doesn't kill you". Ha ha.

Second find is another enamelware type bowl/pot. Inside it has some zinc lids for canning jars, just like the ones I paid for several months ago. I should have waited. God knows the desires of our hearts and will often give them to us if we are just patient!


RubyJunes said...

great finds! aaack! YOU are the one that took my chair!!! I NEED that!

SamandSawyersMom said...

Very cool finds!!