Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Thrifting

Today Tim had the day off, so we loaded up the boys this morning and headed to Denny's for breakfast. I had the brilliant idea to take some pictures of those gorgeous winter trees and asked Tim to pull off onto a side road on our way there. Well, he pulled off, a little too far (and it was my fault- you know, because I wanted to take pictures!) and we ended up partially stuck on the side of the road. Not a minute later, a guy came along and offered to help, but it didn't appear that pushing the van was going to get it unstuck. So the man offered to go get one of the local Mennonites and his tractor to pull us out. While he was gone, Tim and I managed to get the van out of the snow and back onto the middle of the road. We found the guy who helped us and let him know and then went on our merry way.

After breakfast we went to Home Depot where I got the lovely flowers pictured below. Only 87 cents each. Then on to a couple of other stores. We ended the day at Goodwill. I mean, after all, a visit to Goodwill is what DEFINES a good day (at least in my mind)! I hit the jackpot and actually had to put a couple of things back due to lack of funds. Overall though, I felt it was a very successful trip!

The pillow is one that I had admired somewhere in blog land and I was thrilled to find this one. Don't fret, those little drawers are going to get painted and have new knobs put on them!
The wooden bowls on the left are also going to get painted. I love the wooden box w/ "Blessings" painted on it. It is mass produced primitive decor, but I still like it! :) The little pitcher on the right says "Homer Loughlin" on the bottom. I thought I remembered that as possibly being valuable, but couldn't remember. Anyways, when I got home I looked it up and that is the company that makes Fiesta ware now. I doubt that it is worth anything, but I will keep it for now.
The boys napped when we got home. Tim and I dined on chips and dip and sour gummy worms. All in all, a pretty fun day.