Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weekend Happiness

A little bit of happiness to get you through this long weekend (not that long weekends are a bad thing)!
Cowboy Leeland with his lasso of drool.

The pile of magazines and books I'd like to get through in the next 24 hours. Tim and I are getting away for the night and grandpa and grandma are coming to stay with the boys. I know, books and magazines aren't very romantic. We do plan to go out to eat and also maybe go on a photography expedition, things we both love.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Cheryl said...

I hope you had a wonderful and romantic weekend away!!

Char said...

Cute picture of cowboy Leeland!
I hope you got thru all those books!

Katherine said...

Love the new banner! Grandma and Grandpa's grapes, right?

Lura said...

Yes, they are grandma and grandpa's! I love the farm!!