Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Newest Babies

These are the most recent babies at our house. They are probably at least a month old now. Aren't they cute? The mama groundhog lives in our barn. I've counted 5 babies. The first two pictures were taken out the kitchen window so they aren't too clear. The last one was taken by Tim outside.

Sad to say that our bird nest next to the driveway didn't survive a run in with a tractor. The other bird nest on the cement pad just disappeared one day. We do have a new robin's nest up in the boy's playhouse.


Katherine said...

I used to love finding robin's eggs when I was little. I'm a little sad I didn't take time to look for them this year as I had planned. They always seemed to be laying in the grass behind the old church/barn or on the floor in the barn at our house.

Amanda said...

I think you should go and get the eggs and make an omelet for dinner. Feed it to Timmy and don't tell him where you got the eggs.

Creative Play Child Care said...

Yuck Amanda!

Very cool. I am sad by the other nest getting destroyed..that poor mama who came back looking for her babies...oh my.

Hopefully she was killed with them.

Nice pics of the groundhogs.

Amanda said...

Yuck Sonya!!!

Cheryl said...

The robin's eggs are so bright, I love them. The little ground hogs are so adorable!!