Monday, May 04, 2009

Community Sale Finds

This past weekend, my mom and I shopped a local community sale. This is what I was able to find! 2 shirts above, 10 cents each.
Shirts above 50 cents each. Shorts $1? (maybe less)

Pair of jeans for me 50 cents. Shirt for me $2.

Eddie Bauer jeans for Tim 50 cents. 2 pr. jeans and 1 pair jean Capris for me 1.00 each.

The clothes above were all 25 cents each. Including 2 matching but different colored sweaters for the boys.

If you attend the annual pirate party you'll understand this hat I picked up for .25!

Turtle footstool that I plan to recover and refinish, $1. Tupperware cupcake holder for 50 cents as well as a Rubbermaid holder for .50. Food processor for $2 (one of the 5 year olds had to show me how it worked). Faux apples (but very convincing) 50 cents for all.

The only 4 books I brought home for me! The Back to Basics one is one I've wanted for awhile. All books from the library sale were for a donation.

The rest of these books are going to Amanda's house. I plan to repaint the metal lid on the little glass jar. You can't really see it in the picture, but the images on the jar are really cute.

My last buy of the day was this bread machine. They were asking $15 and I paid $10 for it. I will be trying it out today as soon as I get it washed up.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my finds. I have some other finds from Friday's sales that I plan to post too.


Cheryl said...

Ok, I totally thought the apples were real! Love the turtle foot stool, you'll have to post pics when you get it redone!

SamandSawyersMom said...

i love the orange shirt...

Unknown said...

I have to post the 2 black garbage bags full of clothing my sister gave me, for me. I am set for a while...including some transition pieces that I will get rid of too.