Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Stuff

I have millions of ideas floating around in my brain. Things I would love to discuss, think about, ponder, and share. However, every time that I sit down to post them it's like I have this huge mental block. I have the desire to do it, yet I don't. I guess maybe my mind is willing to share, but my body doesn't want to put the effort (physical and mental) into typing it all out.

Sometimes I think my season of blogging may be over. While I really enjoy reading other blogs, keeping mine going doesn't seem all that important anymore. In some ways, I'm glad there is no pressure to have something new on there every day. I'm so over that. Yet, it is a great way to share a new picture or quick thought with friends and family and so for that reason I will probably keep it around.

I feel myself being stretched as a person. Someday I hope to share some of my deeper thoughts again as I feel lately there hasn't been much but fluff on here.


Char said...

I know what you mean sista! :-)
I like your use of the word "season". It is so true that we go thru seasons in almost every aspect of our life.
I am looking forward to your deeper thoughts posts! :) The fluff is nice too though. Anything at all is just perfect!

Cheryl said...

it seems everyone is in a kinda blog funk. maybe we need a new game to get everyone going again. i blame facebook! I love reading your blog, deep and fluff a like.

Amanda said...

Fluff? There was fluff on here and I missed it? I am going to have to go back and hunt for it. I love fluff!!! I hope that you haven't erased it.

Amanda said...

Well, I must say I am extremely disappointed. I searched your entire blog and never found the fluff.
You are such a liar liar plants for hire!!!!

was it the marshmallow kind? I really like the marshmallow kind...