Monday, February 09, 2009

God is so Good

I have a neat story that I thought I would share. Sometimes God's provisions for us are not so clear (or maybe they are and just go unnoticed). Whichever the case, this past week provided me with two glimpses of how He cares for his children and their every need, not just the big ones.

While I was at work the other day, I started to have some indigestion. Since I work in a health care facility, it would have been pretty easy to get some Tums from one of the nurses. I didn't do that though (not sure why). I sat there and was thinking about going shopping after work. I thought, "maybe I can find a coupon and get some free or very cheap Tums at the drugstore". I'm always trying to figure out how to get things like that for free or very little money. The crazy thing about all of it is that I had several containers of antacids at home. A lot of good they did me there!

Fast forward to my weekly stop at CVS that evening. I was in and there is a machine that prints coupons when you swipe your Extra Care Card. It usually prints 3-5 coupons for various items in the store. This time, my card only generated one coupon. Do you know what it was for? "One free CVS 3 pk. of antacids up to 1.99". Is God good or what?? I bought the other Tums because I had a coupon that made them really cheap. The second time that God provided this week was on a trip the boys and I took to Goodwill. I was dropping off some things to donate and thought we would look around. I told the boys that we could look for a pair of boots for Tyler. The other two boys are needing to move up into their brother's boots, and Tyler has the biggest feet. I told them that there probably wouldn't be any because "it's the middle of winter", "they are kids boots", "the economy is bad" (OK, I don't think I actually gave them the reasons, but I didn't want them to get their hopes up. I was trying to be realistic about the situation). As we walk back to the children's clothing section I see one pair of boots. The only pair of boots in the whole store. Yep, they were Tyler's size.

Some other fun finds at the Goodwill. I love the "My first Little House" books and found one I didn't have yet. I also got a crossword puzzle dictionary for a friend at work. The kaleidoscope is a liquid one, much like one I asked for this past Christmas and couldn't find anywhere!


Cheryl said...

AWESOME!! And the boots are cute too!

SamandSawyersMom said...

those are very nice boots..very cool stories

Crystal said...

I love those little things that God does to let us know he knows our hearts......awesome!

Char said...

I love the boots!
I love the book even more though!!!!

Amanda said...

pretty cool!!!

Linda said...

Hi Lura!

Just wanted to drop by saying I'm your partner in the clean swap (well, you probably know that.. *lol*) and that I really enjoyed reading up on your blog!

That header picture though.... makes me HUNGRY!!! *lol* ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!