Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodwill Goodies

This past Sunday I ran into the Goodwill for a quick look around. I ended up coming home with some treasures. Even though we are heading out of fall, I kind of liked this wreath. I really love the little lamp (I just tried it and it works!). It shouldn't be too hard to find little shade for it. I was going to paint it all black, but I may just leave it the way it is. I do plan to paint the 1/2 birdhouse black and I was thinking of putting an ivy plant in it and hanging it in the bedroom. The Aztec pot is a gift and I think it will look very nice with some plants/herbs in it. The little frog candle holder will look cute somewhere in Amanda's new house, possibly on the kitchen windowsill? Each item was only $2-3. However, when I got to the register, my whole order rang up for 50% off! I'm not sure if this is a Sunday thing or a special sale they had going on (they are doing some remodeling). My total ended up being $6.55. Not a bad deal at all! I have really been in the mood to thrift shop lately and this is not going to help matters.


Amanda said...

I think Amanda will love the frog!
Pres. Elect B.O.
ps. I had to use Amanda's computer again....she is such a gracious host. Did you get the mail from Joe?

Cheryl said...

good deal!! our goodwills had a 50% sale on Sunday.

SamandSawyersMom said...

Hi president obama!! Good choices with the reagan and bush picks...who knew you were a conservative?!!

Very cool items..good shopping