Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What you have to look forward to...

Starting tomorrow (and probably every day for the rest of this week, and most of next) I will be posting pictures from our annual family camp out at the farm. The farm is my grandparents farm. We went this past Friday, which was also the one year anniversary of my grandma's death. Even though I am not one for keeping up with anniversary dates of deaths, I do think it was nice for us to be together and to be there for grandpa.

As always, it was a lot of fun. It never seems like it lasts long enough, but I was definitely ready for a shower by Sunday afternoon! The boys did really well during the day and not too bad at night. Isaiah and Tim went home on Saturday night to sleep, as Isaiah ended up having some breathing problems and needed some breathing treatments. He was feeling better on Sunday morning and they were back bright and early for breakfast.

I only took 240 or so pictures....maybe around Christmas time you'll see something other than this camping trip!


Cheryl said...

YAY I love pictures....bring'em on. I'm glad you could all be together and had a good time!

Crystal said...

I look forward to seeing them all!!! post away sister girl!