Monday, October 13, 2008

McDonalds Boycott Revisited

** I have had the following post pretty much written for awhile now, but never got around to posting it. There has now been a change in the McDonald's boycott, but I thought I would go ahead and answer the questions from the last post. Go here for the good news.

OK. I'm finally getting around to writing some more of my thoughts on the McDonald's boycott. I hope I remember everything I want to say.

First I wanted to answer some of the comments from the last post.

"I have a feeling if you delved deeper, we wouldn't be able to eat or drink from anywhere!"

I don't know about "anywhere", but I am sure that it would be much more restricted. I know that we could find someplace else to eat out considering the myriad of choices. There are tons of mom and pop places even if you avoid all the big name chains. Also, eating out is not a necessity, so if it comes to the point where there is absolutely no place to go that fits in line with my beliefs, so be it. Just 50 years ago, people hardly ever ate out. They made meals at home and packed lunches when they were going to be away from home or traveling. It does take more work and thought, but it's not such an unrealistic option.

My grandparents were strong believers in not patronizing any restaurant that sold alcohol. Did that limit our choices when we went out with them? Sure. You know what though? They stood up for what they believed in. They didn't give their hard earned money to someone who did something they did not agree with. And, Ponderosa got a lot of their business.

That said, I won't intentionally search out every business I plan to use just to see if the owner or corporation does something I disagree with. However, if I find out that a business I use does use their money to promote something that goes against my beliefs, I will stop using that business either temporarily until they make a change, or forever if needed.

"you should write to McDonald's if you don't like what they are doing. that way you have voiced your opinion with words. they won't know how you feel if you just stop eating there."

I had done this, I just didn't post it in my original post. I do believe that both things together can be very effective.

"i fully agree that the San Fransisco parade is horribly offensive, but please keep in mind that it is not representative of all g*y and l*sbian people, any more than California is representative of all of us.

i know that you don't approve of their lifestyle in any case, and i understand, but they aren't all running around in the streets naked."

I do realize this. I have contact and have had contact with people who have chosen that lifestyle. I have friends with g*y family members, I have g*y co workers and there are g*y family members of my residents. I know there are many very nice decent g*y people trying to live a good life and not make any trouble. I just can not promote their lifestyle anymore that that of the totally outrageous ones. The Bible specifically speaks against it and I try to make the Bible my moral compass.

"Also McDonald's are privately owned and pay for the licensing, at least around here. So I would be punishing a little old couple who owns the Loveland McDonald's."

McDonald's does not just sell their businesses and then have nothing to do with them again. They are getting money from those local owners. I wouldn't want to hurt someone who seems stuck in the middle, but I would imagine that if enough owners got upset about a drop in sales, that they would put some pressure on McDonald's corporation to stop spending their money in this manner.

i agree but MCDONALD'S sponsored THIS parade, right?

"the company had joined the National G*y and L*sbian Chamber of Commerce. And following a $20,000 donation to that group, one of McDonald's executives was placed on the Chamber's board of directors." There is also a commercial from McDonald's about this parade here.


SamandSawyersMom said...

This was an excellent post. My comment was the first one and my point was that we all sin and we all do things that you would find ungodly according to the bible. i was not excuses eating at McDonadls as I was on the fence the whole time. I was stating that if you really looked into every place, you would find sin and we all know that one sin is not worse than the other.

Unknown said...

I just flat out prefer Burger King anyway so I don't remember the last time I went to a mcDonalds, but I have a sister who will not eat there or anywhere in the corporation (that includes Chipotle) because in the 90's when she was first a vegitarian they told the world that their fries were not cooked in animal fat and they were.

kellerie said...

i know we have very different beliefs on the subject, but i really respect your conviction, and your dedication to standing up for what you believe in. I know it can't be easy.

Lura said...

Thank you. It is very hard.