Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Free and Forty

I'm not sure that I got anything free in the mail this week, which is unusual. I did get a free product to try from Pinecone Research and also a $3 check for answering one of their surveys. I'm not allowed to discuss the product, but I highly recommend signing up with this company if you ever get the opportunity to. There is not a place to sign up on their website, you have to click on a banner ad. They don't have ads on any certain website, you just have to find one.

So the only freebies I have for this week are the ones that I got at Walgreens. These are their October Free after rebate items. I am excited about the free makeup and facial cleanser. I am trying to wean myself off of Mary Kay (in order to save money), so free make up is good!

This is my $40 for the week. It's not as good as some weeks, but I have a lot more meat this week than usual. This all came from Kroger. I had a scare at the checkout counter when the total rang up to $53 or so. I had forgotten to give her my Kroger card. After the card and coupons, my total came to $38.01. I had exactly $38 in my hand and went fishing in the bottom of my purse for a penny. Phew!!! Shopping with cash will definitely keep you from overspending.