Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Blog

Not sure what's going on right now, but I just can't get myself to sit down and write a post. I have tons and tons of pictures to share, lots of ideas for topics to discuss, and more....but I just can't make myself do it. Right now I'm more into reading other peoples blogs.

I'm trying to be more concious of my time on the computer.

I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy the people and things going on around me. I was just taking some garbage out a few minutes ago. The temperature is perfect and there is a light rain. The air smelled soooo good!

Work has been really stressful. It just doesn't seem to get any better and often feels as if it is getting worse day by day.

I hope to start seriously preschooling the boys after Labor Day. I figure that it will be a good way for us to get into some good habits for when we start Kindergarten next year.

The whole dieting thing is blahhhh. This is one of those topics I plan to delve into sometime in the future.

My house is a disaster. That's another area that needs some serious work right now. Guess I should go put some laundry away!


Amanda said...

You can't blog, but you have enough time to harass friends with overdue library nightmares....


I understand where you are coming from, about the blogging, not about the overdue library thing.

Cheryl said...

i feel you!! dieting blah! laundry folded and in baskets! house is a disaster! we could be twins!! i am planning on working on those things today!! i AM going to put the laundry away and wash more! do the dishes and work on cluster!! I am i am i am!!

I hope you start feeling better about things! we miss you in blog world but understand completely! just know you aren't alone, we all have those times and we all get through and it helps to have each other!!

Char said...

I think you should just quit your job, stay home, clean your house, declutter, start a daily exercise routine and homeschool your kids. There, I just solved all of your problems! ;)

SamandSawyersMom said...

well I have a few minutes so here it goes..........

I get you, I do. It is hard doing what we do. I fidn myself relaly becoming more nad more in love with the idea of being a stay at home wife and mommy. It can;t work for us but boy would I love it. The truth is, if Steve and I could and would give up everythingt hat was not essential in our lives, it might be possible.

I often wonder though, if I would want to be home if I was totally broke and couldn't go anywhere , watch anything or shop at all. Would I feel worse?

I hate that you hate your job and I wish you could do something about it. When i hate my job, I have to remind myself that at least i am home with my kids.

The computer thing is one of those thinsg that you have to deal with in your own life. I wonder often how many of the women online take care of everything with as much time as they spend online.

Of course, it is easy for me to judge that since i am on very little. I am guilty of spending too much time worrying about my children and that can be just as sticky at times.

I will be back in a minute

SamandSawyersMom said...

I was under the impression that you were on face book a lot and that is why you weren't blogging.

The weight thing is so hard. I do think health is so important but trying to achieve it is terribly hard. I really want to be thinner but the priority falls right down when I look at my to do list.

I hope that you overall, have a great sense of who you are and what you are doing as I have gained the past 2 years. You and I usually mentally and socially go through these types of things around the same time.

I love who i am! I mean I really do. i hate many many things about myself but i love the core person. I love what I am good at, what I stink at, who I love, how I love etc. I am up for the challenges that God has laid out for me and I am finally unafraid of most things.

The freedom I feel is great. I no longer hide the contents of my car and the smell of dead bodies inside (although it is only old sippy cups). I don't hide the fact that I suck at cleaning and my house is always at least a little messy and if it weren't for my job, it would be unliveable! I am pretty sure that unliveable is not a word and I don't care that I sounded dumb.

I feel freedom anymore in saying that I am kinda dumb, really fat, very messy and ugly. SO WHAT??

I am so much more so I will use those to do good things.

I love the honesty that 30 something brings. I love that you feel so happy being you and so unashamed!!!!!!!!!!

Homeschooling has brought new self doubt and that is hard but i will get through it like I did other crap in my life.

If you truly dislike your job, Lura, you should quit. I mean really!! You have a degree so go get another less stressful job! If all else fails, watch kids. Even if it is one or 2 other children to bring in enough to make ends meet.

Once you homeschool, how will you do that 3 days a week?? Maybe you have a plan for all that.

The bottom line is that you and me have everything we need right inside of us!! God has a plan and purpose for us. Why would HE make us half way..? He didn't. We are equipped and if we want to be thin, we can do it. If we want to be at home with our children, we can do it. It is by HIS strength that it is possible.

As soon as our friends and every woman (including me) stops looking at the lives of other mommies to critique them and truly examines our own lives, will we really see a beautiful change.

After discovering how hard HS is for me, I refuse to tell anyone that somehting is easy. I think breastfeeding is the only way but how can I think that it is a no brainer for another mom? It is time for us all to find our own truths and our own challenges and conquer those bad boys through Christ.

I am here if I can help with anything. You can do anything and change anything you really want to change...even if it smells like dead bodies. we are here for you sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

SamandSawyersMom said...

oh yeah, one more thing. Thanks for the sites, i read several articles from them.

Crystal said...

Hey girl, don't feel too ashamed of being on the computer. Yes, too much of anything is not good but I am under the impression that you don't watch t.v at all so you being on the computer isn't any worse than the mom's who watch alot of t.v. and can't miss their shows! We all need an escape so don't feel guilty. If things are suffering, than by all means cut back but if you are able to have fun on the computer with your friends and be a good mom, more power to ya!!