Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I'm learning

I just started reading a new book tonight called "Scale Down" by Danna Demetre. It has the following quote in the first chapter:

"We are in danger of forgetting that we can not do what God does, and that God will not do what we can do". - Oswald Chambers

There are things I have absolutely no control over. God is in complete control in those areas. There are areas however that I do have some responsibility and I can't expect God to just take care of them without doing my part.

There are many areas of my life that I'm sure this could apply to. The first that I thought of was dieting. The second is parenting.

Just some interesting stuff for my brain to chew on tonight.


Crystal said...

I am always growing when I listen to sermons or read books, I love that! I will never stop growing or sharing what I am learning...Keep sharing your thoughts too!

SamandSawyersMom said...

i agree and have felt that many times when i am trying to make a decision adn I put it on my blog everyone screams HAVE FAITH!!! I think we can have faith AND try to use the brain God gave us.

I like these quotes very much, thanks for sharing