Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Prayer Requests

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. There are so many hurting people in the world.

One of my co workers got a phone call from her teenage daughter to tell her that her husband had moved all of his stuff out of the house.

Another former co worker called to let us know that her husband was being taken to the hospital with a heart attack. Even though they are in their 50's, they have been married less than a year. She called us because we are "her only friends".

Another co-worker had her assistant quit her job, the week before she was to leave on vacation.

A resident told me that she wishes she'd have just died when she had her stroke. She feels like she's in a prison.

This was all yesterday. Please pray for these women.


Cheryl said...

Oh my! I will pray for them!

MissSonya said...

wow. i am sorry you have to carry so much. My prayer is that God takes some of this off you like only He can.

I will pray for each of these cases.

Crystal said...

There is alot of pain and hurt in the world but all we can do is pray and show HIS light thru our acts of kindness for those people. I can relate to the last one, Shawn's dad used to talk like that all the time after his big stroke that made him wheelchair bound....they feel helpless and like they are burdens......I feel bad for my dad inlaw all the time.