Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cedar Point Ponderings

These posts are in backward order. This is the last post.

We had a great day. The boys woke up at 5:45 am on Saturday. We met everyone at Burger King for breakfast at 8:30. We made it to Cedar Point about 9:45 am. We didn't leave until 9:30 pm. The big boys walked all day and no one really complained until 7 pm (Tyler was tired of waiting in line. We had just gotten to the front of the boat line and it broke down, so can you blame him?). I did carry Isaiah on my back a couple of times for very short periods, but other than that they did so well. I was so proud of them!


Char said...

That's great!! I'm glad you had a nice time. I really need to get my boys to CP some time soon!

MissSonya said...

oh wow, what fun! Good for you for doing that for them!